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Bespoke Business Applications


Findusonweb is a unique provider of advertising and business growth management consultancy bringing a one stop solution for all advertising and promotional, sales and business growth needs along with both practical advice and business growth.

FUOW digital marketplace is designed for supporting inhouse business managers & wider business community partners to support their B2B growth enabling businesses to excel at their growth targets & is one of the largest online marketplaces with a mission of helping the local business grow together while achieving their full potential.


FUOW believes in welcoming new ideas, specially those who leads to boosting up various businesses within the market. The concept was new with a vast amount of data so, developers had to go though few difficult stages. As the system required involvement of pay from business owners without reminding them to pay every year, developers had to develop a custom based recursive payment module which was time consuming and bit complex for us to accomplish. Secondly, there was a vast amount of business data which was just provided in excel sheet. So, importing it to system’s database turned laborious for our developers.


Business Directory system provides employers with the tools and platform to support their professional staff, and with a user-friendly portal professional can easily record & exhibit their achievements also can maintain an ongoing log.


Outcome of the efforts were as expected. Geecon had successfully accomplished the project and met all expectation of client for this application. Right now, the Project is working very well, and many organisations and their employees are being part of this business directory listing process. Application has provided the good and unique platform to users for getting information about service or product related business going around them.