Bespoke Business Applications


Lamoda has been a retailer in Manchester, UK since early 2010. They first launched online in 2014 and expanded rapidly through selling on eBay and Amazon. They’ve moved from running e-commerce above their store to operating out of a purpose built office and warehouse employing over 50 staff. The Manchester store continues to serve the local community with the wider family business.


Lamoda stock 5,000 SKUs and hold an average of 30,000 units of stock across four warehouses. Stock integrity was their number one challenge. Getting an accurate inventory level on their website and marketplaces so they only sold what’s available to ship. This was causing the most pain and 8-10% of orders being taken were unfulfillable.


Lamoda use integrations such as UPS, Royal Mail & DPD via Metapack and they were looking for a system to help them with the challenges they were facing as their e-commerce business grew, and they needed a solution quickly. This is where Geecon proved to be a suitable choice for what they needed. Lamoda implemented new warehouse and inventory management system in 12 weeks from starting at the beginning of August 2018.