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As a charity organisation, CUK gets part of its income from Gift Aid claims from HMRC. In the past, this was a manual exercise that involved compiling excel files and emailing them to HMRC, that was until HMRC changed the process with development of a system that requires organisations like CUK to make an automated submission.

The challenge

Many of charity’s campaigns are digital, which helps to gain exposure and share the amazing work they do with the public. Donations are generated through its websites, which in turn allow Compassion UK to protect children from poverty and build a safer world for children.

However, digital technology poses significant challenges because website traffic can vary, particularly if there is a big campaign being executed, which can put pressure on its hosting arrangements. Any downtime can seriously impact CUK’s ability to drive support for its causes and accept donations, so the charity’s digital team set about finding a more secure and reliable platform on which to host its websites.

The Solution

That’s when we turned to CUK for a Managed Hosting solution, designing a more reliable and resilient infrastructure for websites to sit on. The Managed Hosting solution supports most of Compassion UK’s web presence including the main website, donations funnel and other transactional applications. The infrastructure includes backup servers and Web Acceleration service, which caches the applications and diverts traffic away from the servers themselves. This allows the sites to perform effectively during crucial times and when Compassion UK needs their websites most. During the Christmas, for example, their websites saw peaks of 15,000+ visitors, but despite the pressure that this level of traffic entails, the hosting went off without a hitch.

The Result

As a charity, Compassion UK doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to being experts in hosting, a key benefit of the solution has been the support structures offered by us. We have provided the hosting with more than 99.85% uptime which led them in the right direction and gave the help they needed to get on with their fundraising efforts.