Rosscourt Hotel

Bespoke Business Applications


The key message of this website is to communicate what an experience would be like at Rosscourt Hotel. As a historic luxury hotel with a long history, the team made sure that their website was able to be a stand out compared to the other hotels in the area by using large imagery and personalization technology to serve the right content to the right person, quicker than the competition would be able to.


Rosscourt Hotel is a calm and tranquil place with elegant dining and bar options; the spa adds an extra layer of peacefulness to the property as well. Lastly, Philadelphia is a city full of cultural options to explore – museums, dining, shopping, etc. The area it is in is very high-end in terms of the stores and restaurants etc.


Garner a high conversion rate, Generate a positive ROAS, Lower acquisition costs.


  • Improve conversion rate and grow direct bookings
  • Build brand awareness and increase revenue
  • Establish online brand and increase loyalty sign-ups


The team conducted a full brainstorm to identify key target markets, main objectives of the new website, past digital marketing performance, and more. The team also identified design and functionality preferences and looked to see how they could make their website different from the comp set.