We’ll deliver your software project quickly, efficiently and on-budget using our field-proven, agile processes.

Our accreditations are recognised standards that require a business to implement and maintain a Quality Management System as well as a Security Protocol designed to meet its business goals and objectives.

We have developed a streamlined software delivery process, encompassing project planning, agile methodologies, thorough technical design, rapid coding and quality assurance.


Working With Us

When you work with a company, you want to know what to expect up-front. Are they the right fit for your company, can they deliver what you need at the right price and on-time? 

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Prototyping & Specification Writing

When we build software, we leave nothing to chance. We don’t assume; we ask, understand and articulate into an exact plan. The tangibility of this plan is the prototype (the visualisation

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Rapid Application Development

The term Rapid Application Development (RAD) has become more generic since its earliest use in 1991, where the use of an iterative development style and the construction

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Agile Software Development Methodology

By using agile software development, we can ensure that you get a flexible approach to planning, improvement via a continuously

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Technology stack

Imperial IT Software creates robust applications using the Microsoft Stack, various front end web technologies and mobile apps using Xamarin.

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