If you need a simple, cost-effective way to access your new software application, try our UK-based hosting service provided via industry-leaders, Rackspace.

Bespoke Business Applications

Many of the bespoke software applications we develop for our customers are web-based, which means that they can all be delivered as ‘cloud-based’ solutions (commonly called Software as a Service – SaaS). Our hosting service with Microsoft Gold Partners, Rackspace, enables us to offer you a way to quickly and simply host your new app.

About our cloud hosting service

As a leading bespoke software development company, we wanted to be able to offer you an end-to-end service – to build your software and then offer you the option of hosting it so you don’t need to worry about owning, installing and managing your own servers. That’s why we have invested heavily to create the highest quality server environment with Rackspace, the industry leaders in hosting.

The cloud hosting service we offer is entirely optional; there’s no pressure on you to use it if you’d rather host your app elsewhere.

The secure environment along with the “intensive” support contract that we have with Rackspace provides you with:

  • high quality functionality and performance at a low cost
  • high availability – no calls from customers saying they can’t access your app
  • a hosting setup in our UK data centre
  • scalability – increase or decrease the number of servers you need according to traffic
  • a hassle and investment-free approach to software licensing

Hosting Maintenance and Upgrades

We will look after everything to do with hosting your app, including maintenance and upgrades. The benefits to you are:

  • There’s no downtime if something fails thanks to a “hot” backup that takes over immediately (this is known as “fully redundant”).
  • We can patch and upgrade our systems without a moment of downtime. This is because the systems are partly virtualised and clustered to increase performance, scalability and maintainability.
  • We’ll keep you informed of any changes – we regularly monitor and review the traffic levels and amounts of storage needed along with your bandwidth usage. We will let you know about any significant changes so we can maintain optimum performance for you.

Our hosting charge comprises hardware and software usage as well as bandwidth. It is based on a fair usage policy.

Is Imperial IT’s cloud hosting right for me?

This really depends what you’re looking for. Some of our customers like the simplicity and added peace of mind that hosting their business application via Imperial IT brings. For others, hosting applications within a massive high availability environment such as Azure or Amazon S3 where you “pay as you go” and forfeit hands on support is the right option.

We’ll always talk you through the hosting options available to you and, if you’d like us to, advise you on the one we think will best suit your needs.

If you’re interested in our optional cloud-hosting service, give our team a call on 080 0987 5449.